02.02.16 Whisky a GoGo! Feat. Baby Blue Bergman & Bridie Doll

Sydney go-go goddess Bridie Doll is champagne soaked, lipstick stained master of the psychedelic, hip shaking, head banging dance moves of the 1960s and 70s. With a love of b-grade movies, big hair and old school bump and grind, she teaches and performs regularly and is a member of neo-burlesque troupe The Big Spenders.

Baby Blue Bergman aka The Penny Lane of Burlesque. Draws inspiration from far and wide…varying from Brigitte Bardot and Lily St Cyr all the way to David Bowie, Pamela Des Barres, Patsy Stone, Baywatch and the early 90’s BB has a plethora of concepts from which to draw entertaining stage talent. BB Bergman bring a cheeky comedy to every stage! Join Baby Blue Bergman & Bridie Doll at Dr Sketchys on Tuesday for a Whisky a Go-Go!!

Bottoms up ladies & gentlemen!