Tues, 26th Nov – Game of Thrones

From a land far far away and only known to those who possess pay TV, broadband, and George RR Martin books, lives a Dragon Queen and her Dothraki slave girl.

For one special night Miss Maylynn and Lady Char Char will transform the Dr Sketchy stage in to the wastelands of Westeros where white walkers roam, dwarfs get lucky, sister and brothers get it on and where naked ladies hatch dragons from fires.

International dancer of mystery, Miss Maylynn mixes a fusion of belly dance, burlesque and flamenco, and makes the Dothraki weddings look tame! Not for the faint horse-hearted.


Best Dressed Prize!
Dust of your battle wear, sharpen your swords and package up your dragon eggs! Cause its dress up time! ‘Baby Tattoo’ books & double passes to the 2013 Sketchys Finale for the most creative costume! Don’t be shy!


Tues, 12th Nov Feat. Bella Louche & Casey Lynn

As this year fades away, Dr Sketchys gets more spectacular! Bella Louche, a creature of curiosity, exhibitionism and allure comes to Dr Sketchys tomorrow as a quintessential Hot Mess Showgirl. Bella’s hilarious routines splash colours and clash eras, and delightfully tease the art of striptease.

Joining Miss Louche is Dr Sketchys debutante Miss Casey Lynn. She is brand new to Dr Sketchy but is an established burlesque & aerial performer!