Tuesday, 15th October: Oktoberfest

Feat. Danica Lee & Georgia Ruby!!

Both ladies have rocked the Dr Sketchys stage since its Sydney conception. They are talented, gorgeous, sassy and cheeky!

Georgia joins us for her first Sydney show following a three year world tour!

Meanwhile, Danica has been busy winning countless of Titles across the Burlesque scene and has opened her own Burlesque School.

I am so excited to have these very special ladies together on our big little stage!

Introducing your talent…

Danica Lee will transport you to the ‘Golden Age’ of burlesque, when women embodied the pure glamour of Hollywood and teased you with a glimpse of the forbidden.

Danica Lee recently took the title of Miss Burlesque Sydney 2013 at the Miss Burlesque Australia NSW Heats!

Georgia Ruby has been delighting (Well she likes to think so) crowds around the world with her classical and neo burlesque shows. A unique and unusual, divine and delightful character, Miss Georgia Ruby welcomes you to come and laugh with her as she razzles and dazzles and shimmies and shakes, leaving behind her a trail of glitter, feathers, clothes and novelty props! With the bat of her eye lashes (fake and glittery of course) and the pout of her big red lips, Miss Georgia Ruby will change from a sexual seductress to a comical genius.

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Tuesday, 1st October

Kelly Ann & Racheal Rae

Drum roll please…Australia’s finest burlesque dancer; Kelly Ann Doll… with dance moves Fred Astaire himself would be proud of, combined with skills in swing dance, circus and her signature cheeky art of tease, Kelly Ann Doll creates a unique combination of live art leaving her in a class of her own!

The current Miss Burlesque NSW has earnt the admiration of entertainers and professional’s worldwide for her passion for performance coupled with her insane level of skill and energy, whether its on the floor or in front of the camera, she is always in high demand across the country and beyond!


Joining Kelly is Sketchys debuton Rachael Rae… she makes her way across Sydney under the cover of dark, making fleeting appearances in dimly lit bars, underground warehouses and in front of blinding spotlights.

Mysterious and seductive, this femme fatale tantalises audiences across Sydney regularly gracing the stages of event such as The Peel, Cabaret Sashimi, Red Light Confidential, Press B Productions and Gallery Burlesque. And now for the very first time we have the pleasure of meeting her at Sketchys! Don’t miss it!


Dr Sketchys – A Reserve
Tickets are $20 and include: Entry to Dr Sketchy, A Reserve seating and a welcome drink

Additional $5 for A4 Sketch pad & pencil

Dinner with Dr Sketchys
Tickets are $40 and include: Dinner in the Dome Restaurant (Lvl 1) from 6pm, entry to Dr Sketchys (Lvl 2) from 7pm, reserved seating, a welcome drink, sketch pad & pencil

When, Where, What, How….

Arthouse Hotel
Attic Bar
Level 2, 275 Pitt St Sydney

6.00pm – Dinner with Sketchys (Dome – Lvl 1)
6.30pm – Doors open (Attic Bar – Lvl 2)
7.00pm – Models revealed
8.15pm – Performance
9.30pm – Dr Sketchys Ends
9.31pm – Artists, guests, crew and talent congregate in the beer garden to share artwork and indulge in your favourite poison! This section of the night is not for the faint hearted :)

Tuesday, 17th September

Ahoy, me hearties! Hv we got a feast for yar next week…. Get ready for two beauties under the same roof… me lady Foxtrot India began her journey way back in ‘07, evolving from over a decade of dancin’, actin’, singin’ and sailin’. This young lassie made her Burlesque debut while living in ye ol’ London town, and has also taken her unique style of sass across Europe and the Americaaas. After sailing the seven seas this young lass settled on the shore of this fine land where she entertain’d the land lubbers. And now its your turn me hearties!

Arrr that’s not all, after a year at sea we raise our glases to the return of Shasta!! Get ready for some swashbuckling fun as Shasta transforms into a rum guzzling wench!  Come along for a wild adventure where we’ll hunt for precious lost booty n sink some grog!