Tues, 25th June – Leeloo Loren & Bullseye Billy!

Leeloo is no stranger to the Dr Sketchys stage. She has shared it with the likes of Memphis Mae, Chrys Columbine and Frankie Faux. Leeloo now feels right at home each time she visits the Sketchy’s crowd, and this time she’s bringing with her a new face to the scene. A man. And not just any man. He’s the mustache wearing, booze drinking, hip shaking… Bullseye Billy!

A pioneer of the Sydney brolesque scene, drawing on the classic movie stars of yesteryear, combined with a healthy serve of pop culture, Billy brings to the stage a come at me brolesque attitude that it is sure to satisfy.

Together these two will take you back to the fabulous 50′s, a time of slick quiffs, fast cars and the King of Rock n’ Roll.

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Tuesday 11th June 2013

“Independently recognised burlesque performers, Rosie Rivette & Caterina Vitt come together in a never seen before collaboration. ┬áThis┬ádelectably divine duo were born to perform never separate but together. Sweet and composed on the outside, through their tease they will reveal the perverse and mischievous antics that come from deep within their tightly bound girdles”.