Tuesday 30th April – Lucille & Talula

Why did the coyote cross the road?

Lucille and Talula

Because he wanted to tear at the flesh of a baby chicken.

At Dr Sketchys this 30th you’ve got a pair of special guests giving you something wild and heart wrenching: Lucille Spielfuchs and Talula Papoose are performing as, non other than, the Chicken and the Coyote. Two star-crossed lovers who forget that desire means to want each other, not want to eat each other.

Come watch them battle it out in hyper slow motion (so slow it seems like they don’t move at all- perfect for drawing actually!).

With a bit of cocka doo and a bit of woof woof woo you’re sure to experience a night that will make your creativity soar and howl- and with these DELICIOUS creatures- how could it not?